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Today’s St. Patricks day look brought to you by the Sephora Anthology!! Got this steal for $20(thanks to my sephora rouge insider level… No shipping!!). I got this pallets for just a fun extra to have around the house with some really cool “not every day” colors to keep on hand. It was perfect. My apologies on the face that all of these photos we’re taken post sift (6hr waitressing shift). I used the shimmery lime green(base/lid), shimmery Kelley green(crease/smoky corner) and shimmery dark evergreen(liner/wings) colors (shown on the bottom of the left hand side of the pallet. Not only we’re these pigments by very visible and vibrant, but I feel like they held up very well all day. I was very pleased with the over all quality of these shadows!! They pass the waitress test of survival!!

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